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About us

Adventure meets impact

Tourism can be a powerful force for good but often harms more than it helps. It doesn't have to be this way.

We believe an experience should have a lasting positive impact on people, on places and on the planet. Our experiences have a net positive impact on New Zealand, just like they should. 

Why Tūtira?

We give people an opportunity to explore some of the best landscapes in New Zealand and to make a positive difference while they're at it. We balance adventure with the preservation of high country environments and support a transition to a low carbon future for both tourism and farming. We believe in a future where New Zealand's pure, clean promise becomes a reality and we're committed to making sure this happens.

We do this by utilising the latest in Kiwi-made electric motorbike technology, ensuring all of our operations are climate positive, and investing 10% of experiences revenue to on-farm conservation and regeneration projects.  

In te reo Māori, Tūtira translates to the act of gathering together in a row or a line, similar to how guests on our experiences travel on their bikes. Tūtira was also the title of a 1921 book, regarded by many as the first publication to discuss the ecological impacts of NZ farming. To us, the name Tūtira speaks to our core purpose of having a net positive impact on New Zealand by providing experiences that ground and reconnect people to the land. An important part of this is recognising tangata whenua and the long Māori history present in each of our experience locations. We’re grateful for the support and guidance of iwi and hapū on this journey. 

Accelerating a low carbon future 

We all know we need to reduce carbon emissions. This isn't a debate. The science around climate change is clear and we need to rapidly transition each part of our economy towards a low carbon model. In a typical year, tourism contributes 8-10% of New Zealand's total emissions, directly harming the very environment that makes this country so attractive. This doesn't make a lot of sense we're here to help accelerate a transition towards a new way of doing things. 

Our experiences recognise that all travel has a carbon impact. We identify the total impact of our experiences, including the impact of customers travelling to reach us by air or ground, and invest in projects that ensure we have a net-positive impact by removing two times more carbon than we produce. Where this involves carbon credits through reforestation or preservation, we only contribute to schemes working with native New Zealand trees and forests. We don't believe pine-based credits are right for New Zealand, our ecology or our low carbon future.

It's simple, we align with the principle of Kaitiakitanga and believe all tourism providers have a responsibility to consider the full scope of emissions. It's no longer good enough to ignore the impact caused when a customer travels across the country to reach you, or to make the offset of these travel emissions optional. We're serious about accelerating a low carbon future so we thought we should lead by example. 

Promoting reconnection and wellbeing

Research shows that time spent in nature can significantly improve physical and mental wellbeing. Many of us know this instinctively and feel drawn to natural places to recharge, reconnect and reflect on what's important. Our experiences help you get back in touch.

Amplifying regenerative farming methods 

Most Kiwi farmers think of themselves as custodians and take pride in looking after the land and the animals in their care. We believe New Zealand has a unique opportunity to lead the world by scaling up this ingrained way of thinking, and demonstrating to the world how regenerative farming practices can result in high-value outputs alongside great environmental outcomes. 

We aim to amplify this by allocating ten percent of all experiences revenue to on-farm environmental initiatives. This means every Tūtira guest contributes to habitat and biodiversity restoration, waterways protection, and regenerative soil projects undertaken by our partner farms.   

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